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Shawn Seymour
Minneapolis, MN
Software Engineer

I'm a result-driven software engineer and system architect with demonstrated experience leading architecture and development of highly-available, scalable distributed systems. I lead projects and teams to success by architecting and developing usable, high-quality software solutions to solve critical business problems.

I specialize in Apache Kafka, data streaming, and building real-time data solutions. My expertise lies in architecture and system design as well as developing software utilizing event-driven design, service-oriented architecture, microservices, containerization platforms, and cloud services.

  • Programming Languages: Java, Groovy, JavaScript, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, Bash
  • Apache Kafka Solutions: Kafka, Kafka Connect, KStreams, KSQL, Confluent Platform
  • Front-end Technologies: React, Redux, ECMAScript 6, Webpack, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Back-end Technologies: Spring, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Node.js, Express, socket.io
  • Other Technologies: Redis, ZooKeeper, Avro, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
  • Build & Testing Tools: Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, Spock, NPM, Jest, Buildkite, Gitlab CI
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Amazon Web Services, OpenShift, Azure, Grafana

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My Skills

Architecture & System Design

I have a passion for designing scalable solutions with a maintainable system architecture.

Real-Time Data

I specialize in Apache Kafka, data streaming, message queues, and event-driven architecture.

Distributed Systems

I build highly-available, fault-tolerant distributed systems using various architectural patterns.

Continuous Delivery

I help streamline build and deployment processes to bring value to the customer without delay.

Full-Stack Development

I create complex, highly-performant web applications with modern user interfaces.

DevOps & Infrastructure

I leverage containerization platforms and cloud services to manage large-scale deployments.

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